I'm Alina and this is my resume website!

After graduating a mathematics-informatics highscool I went to INSA de Lyon University to study engineering. This University helped me discover several fields of informatics, gave me the chance to participate into an exchange program and to work for several months into different companies due to internships.

As a result, now my interest field has narrow: I'm interested into mobile developpment and into big data. For now, I decided to work in a company in big data and to develop by myself into mobile developpment.

My Resume

Object: I'm interested in working in Big Data and I continue to work on my own in mobile development

My Experience

R&D in big data (Advanced Analytics)

Working on Recommender engine development. | RapidMiner, Cloudera, Github, AWS

Android developper

Worked on eWallet applications developpment in the banking field | Android, Eclipse, TortoiseHg

iOs developper

Worked on eCommerce and eLearning applications developpment | Objective-C, XCode, TortoiseSVN


Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

Exchange program: 2013 – 2014
Software Development of Web Services | Java
Pilot Study | Python, Gurobipy, Web2py
Data mining using Python | Python, Spyder
Computer Game Prototyping | Unity, C#
Project in Digital Media Engineering | Android

Insa de Lyon, France

Informatics: 2011 – 2014
SIMS (Systèmes d'Information Multimédias CommunicantS ) | Android, Eclipse
GHOME | Javascript, Bootstrap
IT Architectures - IT Urbanisation | SOA
Decision-Making Data | Analysis Service, MDX
Data Mining | Knime

Eurinsa department: 2009 - 2011
International department (50% French students, 50% European students)

My skills


I'm a communicative person, I like to know what is happening. I also think I have a good understanding of the body language. I tried to work on it on a personal project at my university "INSA de Lyon". The project subject was "Body language in a company". This project allowed me to be more aware of body language in this special environment: ventures.

Further, my intern within the wordline company helped me improve my communications skills because I was in contact with the client and I had monthly feedbacks on my work and my personal skills. This helped me have a track of my improvements and develop myself.


I like to work in a team in order to collaborate with others. I think that teamwork can be very motivating if we are in good relations with all the others team workers.

Also, more people working on the same subject can easily help each other with ideas while working alone can be hard to ask questions to people that are not working on the same subject.


I'm a believer of the "scrum" method. I think that this method offers each person a objective and helps in establishing priorities. I used this method on one of my interns and I have only good memories about it. It helps you knowing if you are late in your project and anticipating different problems.

I never did planed a project on my own, but I will be glad to do it some day. Until then I will try to do a good estimations on my tasks because I think that a person cannot be able to do a planing task only if she is capable of doing a good estimations on each task.


If you think I am suitable for your project, feel free to get in touch.